COPE Members

COPE members are eligible for a discounted rate on a PROtique™ Insurance policy for your business.

PROtique™ has been providing Canadian electrologists with customized insurance coverage, reliable service and preferred rates for over 9 years. We’ve made it easy for you to insure your business with comprehensive coverage at an affordable premium.  Some of the advantages you get with PROtique™ include:

  • Coverage for electrolysis and waxing/sugaring
  • Reduced premium for COPE Members.
  • Hair removal from moles is covered as long as you are a formally trained/certified electrologist and have a note from your patient’s doctor or dermatologist confirming the mole is healthy.
  • One policy to cover you with both Professional AND General Liability.  Less customized policies don’t normally include both types of liability coverage, but don’t be fooled – an electrolysis business needs both types of liability coverage for proper protection especially if you’re a home based business or lease your premises.
  • No deductible applies for professional liability & bodily injury claims  For example, if a customer alleges they’ve been injured by a procedure you’ve performed on them, or if they slip and fall, you will not have to pay a deductible.  These are the most common types of liability claims encountered in your industry.
  • Contents and business interruption coverages are included automatically to protect your equipment and your cash flow if you’re closed after a claim.
  • Liability protection that’s ALWAYS in force for the term you’ve purchased. If you accidentally let the policy expire or if you cancel the policy when you retire, the PROtique™ liability policy will still cover you if a lawsuit is received afterwards for something that happened when the policy was in force. Liability claims are often reported 2 years after the actual incident so PROtique™ gives you lasting protection to minimize the chance of a gap in your coverage.  It seems logical, but many liability policies “disappear” if the policy is stopped, even accidentally.
  • Insured by Canada’s largest & top ranked insurance company, Intact Insurance.  They have offices and claims adjusters located across Canada so you’re dealing with a Canadian company and local claims people.  You also have direct access to 24 hour emergency claims service with Intact.
  • Convenient payment options: monthly payment, credit card payment (online or by phone), on-line banking and of course you can always send us a cheque.

Doing more then electrolysis and waxing?

No problem – we can insure a wide variety of esthetic services – electrocoagulation, laser/IPL services, manis/pedis, facials, cosmetology and more.  This is not new to PROtique™.  We have one focus – insuring beauty care professionals like you is our sole business and we’ve been doing it for over 15 years.

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