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  • Submitting this application allows us to confirm your eligibility, coverage and premium for your business. It does not obligate you to buy a policy - we will only issue a policy if you ask us to! A copy of this application will be emailed to you once submitted so you'll have a copy for your records.

    If your business owns or leases multiple locations, please submit an application for each location. Independent contractors and mobile services only need to submit 1 application.

    Contact & Location Information (Step 1 of 6)

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  • Business Information (Step 2 of 6)

    What date do you want coverage to begin?
    How many years have you been in the Hairstyling/Esthetics business?
    Do you maintain Customer Service Records?
    Estimated Annual Revenue:
    Previous insurance company:
    Previous Policy Number:
    Has an insurer refused to renew, canceled your policy or declined to insure your business?
    Have you had any claims in the last 5 years?
  • Choose your Coverage (Step 3 of 6)

    Here is where you tell us how much coverage you'd like to have on your policy.

    Contents Limit

    Contents coverage includes tools, equipment, Furnishings, and stock or product, plus renovations or leasehold improvements if your location is rented or a condo. When you enter the limit you want, use the replacement value for new contents to avoid being penalized if you have a claim.

    Business Tools, Equipment & Furnishings (excluding laser/IPL equipment) - What is the cost to replace these with brand new items?
    Laser/IPL Machines & Handpieces - What is the cost to replace these with brand new items?
    Stock Limit - What is the usual value of stock you keep on hand?
    Leasehold Improvements & Renovations - What is the cost to rebuild renovations you are responsible for?
    Total Contents Limit

    Liability Limit

    If you are sued for negligence for something like a customer being injured from one of your services, or if a customer slips and falls, liability coverage will pay to defend you and to settle the lawsuit up to the limit you choose. Anyone can sue you for any amount of money - how much they actually get is another thing, making it difficult to know how much liability coverage is enough. The best advice we can give you is to choose the highest limit you can afford - it usually costs less than you think.

    Liability Limit:


    The deductible is how much the insurance company will reduce your claim settlement by for most property damage claims (ie. if it costs $7,000 to replace your contents that were lost in a fire and you have a $1,000 deductible, the insurance company would pay $7,000 minus the $1,000 deductible for a total of $6,000).

  • Service Confirmation (Step 4 of 6)

    Businesses Providing The Following Services Can NOT Be Insured with PROtique:

    • Acupuncture
    • Body Piercing - ear piercing is acceptable
    • Botox
    • Chiropody
    • Collagen Injections
    • Corn, Bunion or Ingrown Toenail Cutting or Removal
    • Ear Coning or Candling
    • Fitness, Nutrition or Weight Loss Programs
    • Medical Treatments or Procedures
    • Mole or Wart Treatment - certified electrologists are insured to remove hair from moles as long as they have written approval from the patient's doctor or dermatologist
    • Massage Therapy - relaxation massage is acceptable
    • Tattooing - permanent makeup can be covered under a separate policy
    • Varicose Vein Treatment

    I confirm that I/we do not provide any of these excluded services
  • Tell Us About Your Services (Step 5 of 6)

    Number of Employees Providing Services (including owners)*
    Full Time
    Part Time
    Do you have independent contractors?

    Select the services you currently provide:

    Acrylic Nails
    Body Wraps - Only insured on attended basis (operator in attendance at all times)
    Chemical Peels - superficial peels only
    Ear Piercing
    Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting - excludes permanent imbedding, pigmentation or tattooing
    Eyelash Extensions
    Hair Styling
    Laser/IPL Services
    LED Therapy
    Make-Up Artistry - excluding permanent makeup and tattooing
    Manicures/Pedicures - excluding cutting or removal of corns, bunions or ingrown toenails
    Massage Therapy
    Permanent Makeup - separate policy required - call us for application
    Radiowave Services
    Relaxation Massage - (ie. massage that's complimentary to esthetic services; not Massage Therapy)
    Retail Sales
    Spray Tanning
    Tanning Beds - separate policy required - call us for application
    Teeth Whitening
    Ultrasound Services
    List the organizations where your training, experience & any certification was obtained from:
    List any memberships you have with any professional associations:
  • Other Information

    How did you find out about us:
    Do you prefer a Monthly Pay Plan?

    Submitting this application allows us to confirm your eligibility, coverage and premium for your business. It does not obligate you to buy a policy - we will only issue a policy if you ask us to!

    If you decide to buy a policy, then this application will attach to and form part of the insurance contract for which you are applying. Any applicant who gives false particulars or knowingly misrepresents or fails to disclose any fact in any part of this application will void the contract of insurance, and may subject you to criminal and civil penalties.

    Upon electronic submission of this application, you declare that:

    • the person submitting this application is legally authorized to complete this application and enter into a contract of insurance on behalf of the person(s) or organization applying for the coverage;
    • the information provided is true and correct and you hereby apply for a contract of insurance to be based upon the truth of these statements;
    • all products used in your operation are approved for use under the Canada Food and Drug Act;
    • all machines used in your operation are C.S.A., U.L.C. or U.L. approved;
    • the submission of this form is an application for insurance - no coverage is in effect until confirmed by PROtique.

    By submitting this application, you also declare that you have read and consent to PROtique Insurance's Personal Information Policy ("Policy") for the current and future collection, use and disclosure of personal information in accordance with the Policy.

    Note that PROtique is operated by KRS Insurance Brokers Inc. Insurance is underwritten by various insurance companies depending on your operations.

    We never rent or sell our customers', applicants' or subscribers' information.