Make a Payment

There are 3 ways to pay:

Full payment by Credit Card or Interac Online

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Pay full amount through on-line banking

Please note that when paying by on-line banking, your payment can take 2 business days to reach us, sometimes longer.  Payment by credit card or Interact Online normally reaches us within a few minutes.

To make your payment through on-line banking, just log into your bank’s website and make a payment just as you’d pay any other bill.  You’ll need this information to set us up as a payee with your bank:

  • Select KRS Insurance Brokers Inc. as the Payee (this is our formal name).
  • Get your PROtique account number – it is at the top right of your invoice (click here for an example).  Your account number is 7 digits long and often includes a dash.  Some banks will not accept the dash – if your bank does not like the dash, then just enter the 6 digits without the dash.

Monthly payments by automatic withdrawal from your bank account

Convenient monthly payments are available.

  • Payments are automatically withdrawn from your bank account
  • A 2 month down payment is required to start the payment plan.
  • An interest charge is applied
  • We will require a monthly payment agreement to be signed off and a copy of a void cheque to put your policy on a monthly payment plan

To setup your policy for monthly payments, contact us at or 1-888-577-3210 ext 1.