Our Story

PROtique has been providing insurance coverage for beauty service professionals for over 20 years. We have a deep-rooted understanding of the industry and what is needed to keep businesses safe from unforeseen circumstances – and this is why PROtique clients keep coming back and trusting us with their insurance needs.

Here’s a few key benefits for why you should choose PROtique:

Customizable Policies
At PROtique, we pride ourselves on our unique product. Customize your policy according to your business’ size, coverage required, and the services you provide.

Easily Modify Your Policy
Make changes to your policy with our team at any time. We can help customize your policy as your business grows and changes.

Transparent Fees
We only charge if a change has an impact on your insurance risk. We don’t charge for simple administration amendments.

Scope of Coverage

In an ideal world accidents won’t happen—but unfortunately this is not the case. In the event that an accident or unforeseen circumstance occurs, the best option is to be prepared and proactive with little disruption to your clients. That’s why each PROtique Masterplan Insurance Policy can include the following coverages (coverage may vary depending on your particular business needs and operations):

Accidental Injury to Your Clients
Professional and general liability insurance to cover accidental injuries to your clients such as allergic reactions, burns, scarring, slips, trips and falls.

Business Interruption
Coverage for lost profit and ongoing expenses if your business is interrupted due to a claim.

Business Tools and Equipment
Protection for your business contents including tools and equipment, stock and renovations (if any) from fire, theft and storm damage.

Crime Coverage
Coverage for the theft of money.

Unique options available to PROtique policyholders include:

Optional extension to insure independent contractors working for you. This can be a more affordable way for your contracted stylists or estheticians to be insured while they are working in your business and ensures your customers are protected if an accident happens.

The option to insure tools and equipment owned by your employees. In the event of an accident, your employees’ equipment can be replaced after a claim and lets them quickly get back to working with their clients.

When you purchase coverage with PROtique, you’ll also be assured with the following:

When making a claim online, our website is secured with SSL technology to ensure our data remains safe and secure.

The PROtique online application allows you to easily submit the information we need to generate a quote and provide coverage.

PROtique Masterplan policies are underwritten by Intact Insurance, offering the security and confidence of Canada’s leading insurance company.

You can modify your PROtique policy at any time and we will only adjust fees if it has an impact on your insurance risk—simple administration amendments have no charge.

Our History






In 1998, PROtique (formerly The Beautician’s Edge) began providing insurance coverage to hair salon business owners.

The brokerage HS Financial Services took over the program under the leadership of the Ingoe Family in 2003. The Ingoe Family improved the existing coverage and expanded the program by listening to their clients’ needs and developing a deep-rooted understanding of the beauty service industry. Cover under PROtique would now include Estheticians, spas and Laser Technicians.

In 2011, PROtique left HS Financial Services to follow President, Chris Ingoe and PROtique’s original Program Manager, Jennifer Blythe to its new home at KRS Insurance Brokers. Chris continues to be committed to maintaining high-quality service and support to PROtique clients and Jennifer shares that commitment.

PROtique’s parent company, KRS Insurance Brokers Inc., partners with Acera Insurance Services Ltd., one of the largest independent, employee-controlled brokerages in Canada.

This is an exciting evolution for PROtique, empowering the team to continue expanding the coverages and services available to beauty service professionals.

The same team our clients have come to know and trust continue to provide the highly specialized insurance and risk-mitigation guidance that beauty service professionals can depend on.

PROtique continues to provide insurance solutions for beauty care professionals, ensuring peace of mind that they’re covered for unexpected circumstances.

Our History






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