Policy Features

As a beauty care service provider, earning the trust of your client from the beginning is critical. You listen, make recommendations, and follow through on those recommendations, hoping your client will feel appreciated and well cared for… and look great!

We have that in common.

However, we all know accidents happen. They can be small, or they can be big.  They can happen to your clients (allergic reactions, slips, falls, burns, scarring, etc.). They can happen to your premises (fire, storm damage, etc.). They can restrict – and even close – your business operations.

We know how unthinkable it would be to experience any accident, and we ensure that you have what you need if the unthinkable should happen.  That’s why each PROtique™ Masterplan Insurance Policy includes:

Accidental Injury to Clients:

Professional and general liability insurance to cover accidental injuries to your clients, such as allergic reactions, burns, scaring, slips, trips and falls.

Business tools and equipment:

To protect your business contents, including tools and equipment, plus product, stock and renovations, if any, from fire, theft, storm damage and more.

Business Interruption:

To cover lost profit and ongoing expenses if your business is interrupted due to a claim

Crime Coverage:

To cover theft of money

Unique options available to PROtique policyholders include:

Optional extension to insure independent contractors working for you.    This can be a more affordable way for your contracted stylists or estheticians to be insured while they are working in your business, and helps you to ensure your customers are protected if the unthinkable happens.

Option to insure tools and equipment owned by your employees.  Will your business suffer if your employees loose their equipment in a claim at your business?  Want to ensure your employees can get back on track and servicing your customers and minimize the impact on your cash-flow?  This option give you the assurance that your employees’ equipment can be replaced quickly after a claim and let them get back to the business of servicing your customers.