Summary of Coverages

Every PROtique Masterplan policy comes with a core of key coverages plus a package of coverage extensions which have been customized to cover the unique risks of pet care professionals.  Whether you own your own business, work in your own home, or are a contractor working for someone else, you will receive the following comprehensive collection of coverages:

Key Coverages Minimum Amount
Professional/Malpractice Liability
(ie. coverage for accidental injury to pets-cuts, allergic reactions, broken bones, bites)
General Liability
(ie. for slips & falls)
(ie. tools, equipment, stock, renovations & leasehold improvements)

  • Broad coverage against a wide range of claims (ie. fire, theft, storm damage, sewer backup, flood, earthquake)

  • Replacement Cost coverage included
Business Interruption (ie. to cover lost profit & ongoing expenses if you’re closed due to a claim)Actual Loss Sustained
General Deductible$1,000
Independent Contractor Extension
(ie. to cover contractors while they are working for you)
Plus, every PROtique Masterplan Policy includes this Coverage Extension Package:


Accounts Receivable$50,000
Blanket GlassIncluded in Contents/Building Limit
Catch All Clause$25,000
Computer Breakdown$25,000
Computer Equipment$50,000
Computer Media$10,000
Contents at Unnamed Locations$50,000
Courier and Parcel Post$10,000
Exhibition Floater$10,000
Fine Arts$50,000
Fire Department Service Charges$25,000
Growing Plants, Trees, Shrubs, Flowers-OutsideIncluded in Contents / Building Limit
Inflation ProtectionIncluded
Land & Water Pollution Clean-up First Party$25,000
Outdoor Signs$25,000
Property of Employees (on premises)Included in Contents Limit
Professional Fees$25,000
Proof of Loss Preparation Costs$10,000
Property Floater$10,000
Property in Transit$10,000
Replacement Cost on Building & ContentsIncluded
Sales Samples$25,000
Stock Spoilage$25,000
Valuable Papers & Records$50,000
25% Peak Season IncreaseIncluded


Employers Liability$2,000,000
Employee Benefits$2,000,000
Medical Payments$10,000 per person
Non Owned Automobile Liability$1,000,000


Extra Expense$25,000
Off Premises Service Interruption$25,000
Limited Contingent Loss of Income
a. Neighbouring Premises
b. Contributing/Recipient Property


Loss Inside/Outside the Premises$5,000
Employee Dishonesty$10,000
Money Orders and Counterfeit Paper$5,000


Included if a Limit is listed on your Certificate of Insurance


Included (deductible is greater of 3% or $50,000)


Included ($25,000 deductible)


Included ($5,000 deductible)

NOTE: This summary highlights the main coverages provided the base PROtique Masterplan insurance policy.  It is not intended to provide an exhaustive list of the coverages your policy will provide automatically, but simply to indicate the most significant coverages that can protect your business.  All coverages and services insured are subject to the usual wording of the PROtique Masterplan master policy, which is available upon request.