Unlimited Defence!

With a PROtique Masterplan policy, you get the liability limit you actually purchased & unlimited defence cost coverage! Some insurance policies use the liability limit you purchased to pay for lawyers to defend you if you’re sued.  When this happens, you don’t really know how much coverage you’ll have available if you have to settle a lawsuit.  That $2,000,000 liability limit you thought you bought may actually cover you for much less after the lawyers are paid.

You don’t have to worry about this with PROtique. You always have the full amount of liability coverage that you’ve paid for to cover a lawsuit.  Plus all of our policies include unlimited coverage to pay for your legal defence.  So that $2,000,000 of liability coverage you buy on a PROtique policy – that’s the amount that’s actually available to settle a lawsuit, and the lawyers get paid by the insurance company.  It may cost a few more dollars more but we feel it’s well worth it to avoid the uncertainty of whether there will be enough coverage to protect you after the lawyers have been paid.

Ask if the liability limit you’re buying will be reduced by lawyers’ fees.