Waxing is one of the main sources of injury claims that we see, mainly from burns and skin tears – ouch!  For help in avoiding these and other waxing issues with your clients, check out this short article from Skin Inc.

We especially like the checklist for safe waxing and preventative measures part.  We know it can sometimes be difficult to talk about potential issues clients may experience, like inflammation, hives and itchiness from the histamine response, but managing your client’s expectations can help minimize the chance that normal side effects could become major headaches if your client isn’t expecting them.

The waxing checklist on it’s own is a great reminder of the steps to take with each client to help minimize the chance of accidentally injuring a client and having an insurance claim on your hands.

You can view the article here http://skininc.texterity.com/skininc/october_2017/?pg=44&pm=2&u1=friend

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