T.A.P.E.B.C. Members

PROtique has been providing T.A.P.E.B.C. members with comprehensive coverage at an affordable premium for the last 10 years.  Many insurance policies can look the same on the outside, but the real difference is in the details backing your insurance.  Some of the advantages you get with PROtique include:

  • Liability coverage that doesn’t disappear!  This is NOT Claims Made Coverage.  There’s a reason why some insurance policies are cheaper – they have disappearing liability coverage (although you won’t see it marketed as disappearing liability – it goes by the more obscure name “Claims Made coverage”).  If you have Claims Made liability coverage and you stop paying the premium, the liability coverage you’ve paid for …[More]
  • T.A.P.E.B.C. Members believe in professionalism.  So do we – that’s why you’ll always be dealing with a PROtique Broker who’s been licensed to legally practice in your province.  Each individual broker is required to be licensed with the regulators in your province to operate legally.  It’s your guarantee that they’ve met professional standards, are covered by their own insurance, and are held accountable for their service.

Getting a quote from an out-of-province broker?   We recommend you get their first and last name and confirm that person is legally licensed to talk to you about insurance.  Click the link below for your province to search by the broker’s last name:

British Columbia
New Brunswick (select Agents/Brokers/Adjusters)
Newfoundland & Labrador
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island

    • You get the liability limit you actually purchased & unlimited defence cost coverage!  Some insurance policies use the liability limit you purchased to pay for lawyers to defend you if you`re sued.  When this happens, you don`t really know how much coverage you`ll have available if you have to settle a lawsuit.  That $2,000,000 liability limit you …[More]
    • You own the policy – your coverage is not shared and neither is your information. Some group programs have a shared liability limit, so that the actual coverage available to you may be reduced if another member in the group has a claim.  Sure the policy costs less, but you don’t know how much coverage will be available if you have a …[More]
    • No surprise charges – you do not have to pay for paper copies of your policy, nor is there a fee for making changes to your policy (of course if you add more coverage or services, there may be an additional premium, but there is no other fee applied to make …[More]
    • No deductible for injury claims.  If you’re sued by a customer who believes a procedure you’ve performed injured them (whether or not it’s a legitimate allegation or not), or if you`re sued by a customer injured after a slip and fall, you will not have to pay a deductible.
    • Backed by a Canadian Insurance company with offices across Canada.  In fact, the PROtique policy is backed by Canada’s largest insurance company, Intact Insurance, who has offices and claims adjusters across Canada to help you quickly when you have a claim.
    • Convenient payment options: monthly payment, credit card payment (online or by phone), on-line banking and of course you can always send us a cheque.


Doing more then electrolysis and waxing?

No problem – we can insure a wide variety of esthetic services – electrocoagulation, laser/IPL services, manis/pedis, facials, cosmetology and more.  This is not new to PROtique.  We have one focus – insuring beauty care professionals like you is our sole business and we’ve been doing it for over 15 years.